Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst Sprays

Incredible, vibrant, unique two-toned colors like nothing you have ever seen before!

These dye based colors are mostly permanent on any porous surface.

Sprayers are guaranteed non-clogging


**You should expect the bottle to only have the dry ingredients on arrival which means that there is no chance of spillage in transition.

  1. Give the bottle a few taps against the heal of your palm to loosen the powder.

  2. Tap out any excess powder in the sprayer tube. 

  3. Then add HOT water to the fill line on the label {filtered if you can}.

  4. Let sit at least 10 minutes as this gives the gum arabic a chance to  dissolve fully & will clog the sprayer). 

  5. Shake before each use and periodically while you spray.