This page is being developed so until then here are a few videos & Web sites that may help you to
understand design & how to apply it to your projects.



Design Principals for Scrapbooking

Design Principals with Debbie Hodge  pdf



Successful Layouts


Rule Of Thirds
The rule of thirds is a technique that is often used by photographers & artists. It can help achieve an effective layout with visual appeal.
The rule divides the page into equal thirds both vertically & horizontally creating 9 smaller sections & 4 focal points {intersections}

Placement of the most important elements on the intersections (focal points) will creat a visually effective layout.



 Another way of using the rule of thirds is to follow this guide as it creates a beautiful layout
1/3 photos + 1/3 title and embellishments + 1/3 white space


Rule Of Thirds with Wilna Furstenberg {Two Peas}

The "Z" Movement

For those of us who have been raised in a culture where we read using a Z pattern {from left to right and then back again to left} we have developed an inbuilt habit of looking at images the same way.

Creating a 'Z" movement on a page by arranging elements in this Z pattern will guide the eye naturally from left to right, then down, creating a comfortable and appealing flow.



The Visual Triangle
The idea behind this type of design principle is to use points of interest through elements, embellishments, photos or journalling to create 3 points which will then make a triangle . This encourages the audience to look at the whole page or directly to the one spot you want the focal point to be.
There are so many ways you can create a visual triangle on a layout whether it’s just in a little cluster on the side of a layout or across your whole layout. You can create them with a cluster of pictures or you can have clusters of elements or even just one repeating element that forms a triangle around the photo you want to focus on. You could even mix it up and have your triangle formed by a mix of photos and elements or even journaling.
You can also create several visual triangles in the one layout